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The Budondo Intercultural Center


I am Julia, an Orange County native currently residing in San Francisco and soon to be embarking on a four month trip to Budondo, Uganda. I’ll be using this blog to share my story and insight into my time as a Global Advocate for The Budondo Intercultural Center in Budondo, Uganda, where I will work alongside local leaders to help their community become self-sustainable. 

By reading my blog I will leave you with a small glimpse into this incredible community in Uganda and how one family’s vision of creating a medical facility for routine healthcare and education turned into a reality — and so much more.

I’d like to ask you to join me in helping the Budondo community achieve their goals of expanding the healthcare center and empowering the local women. Make a donation here

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"Our dream: Not just a facility, but a healthy community" - Mukisa Bernard Nadhomie, Leader of The Budondo Intercultural Center

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