The Budondo Intercultural Center

Where is Budondo, Uganda?

Budondo is a rural farming village in Eastern Uganda located about 40 minutes north of the nearest town of Iganga. The village sits in Bukanga sub-county, Luuka district –a new district and one of the most heavily populated yet highly underserved areas in Uganda. In this rural area, the birth rate runs very high – the average number of household residents is 5.3, and the majority of the population are young people below the age of 15 years old.


How was The Budondo Intercultural Center started?

Mukisa Bernard Nadhomie is a lifelong resident of Budondo village. In the 1980s, he took a risk and left his young family in Budondo in order to complete his masters degree on a scholarship in Moscow, Russia. In gratitude to the community of Budondo for supporting his family while he was gone, Mukisa chose to dedicate the rest of his life to uplifting Budondo in return, providing them with hope for the future. His family selflessly followed suit. Together they have created The Budondo Intercultural Center (BIC), whose primary program is the Suubi Health Center. The Health Center was named “Suubi”, which means “hope”.


What is The Budondo Intercultural Center and the Suubi Health Center?

The Budondo Intercultural Center is a community-based organization that is aiming to be the center of intercultural learning and entrepreneurship. It provides a venue for community discussion and a platform for community development. The different programs are designed to enrich the community through preserving old, local knowledge and skills and learning the new. Their holistic approach is something I admire and is why I have committed to raise $20,000 to champion the impact and sustainability of the Intercultural Center.

The BIC’s primary program, The Suubi Health Center, provides safe and accessible healthcare for women and families and improves livelihoods through outreach programs for a region of 56,000 people. I will be working closely with the Mukisa family and their team over the next nine months to help continue to develop income-generating sustainable projects that will ensure financial sustainability and self-reliance. By donating today, you will have the opportunity to become a part of this community with me and leave a positive impact for generations.




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