Current Projects

As there are several projects at the Budondo Intercultural Center (BIC) I wanted to take the time to explain each one. All of these projects help the community become self-sustainable and it is truly inspiring to see the work that has been accomplished.

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend checking out this impactful video about the Suubi Health Center, the BIC’s primary program: Under the Tree.

BIC has five sectors: health, agriculture business, transportation, infrastructure and community hall.

Maternity Ward

As barriers to medical attention in the village are falling, more patients are filling Suubi than space often allows. As a result, construction of a multi-level maternity ward next to the health facility began in February 2015. The foundation is close to completion and the BIC team is now working on fundraising to continue construction.


Health Workers Quarters

Health workers quarters are intended to provide housing for Suubi’s staff, in close proximity to Suubi Health Center. Construction began in 2016 and will continue when funds are available. We hope to finish the health workers quarters this coming year, which will cut the expenditure on staff rent by 100% and sustain efforts of reducing staff turnover.

Maize and Beans Land 

Intended to create a sustainable funding source to pay salaries of the Suubi staff, the BIC is purchasing land on which to grow maize, beans and other crops to sell. Eventually, the BIC will purchase a mill so that the maize can be turned into flour as a value-added product. Several acres of land have been purchased as of August of 2016 and this project is still ongoing. We will harvest the maize and sweet potatoes in late January 2017, part of which will go towards feeding Suubi HC staff and surplus sold for income. This will cut the cost of food by almost 30%.

Suubi Ambulance

Locally known as ‘The Queen of the People’ the ambulance allows for speedy, safe, and accompanied transportation of patients to Suubi or to the next referral hospital. Not only does it safely deliver patients, it serves as a sign of Suubi’s quality care and commitment to the community. The ambulance began running in March 2016, and is in high demand!


Population Health and Environment (PHE) Program

With the households in the community, BIC will implement the PHE program. The goal of PHE program is to improve livelihoods of rural communities of Luuka District. We will strive to empower local communities to better manage their local resources they depend on for their livelihoods while ensuring food security in homes.

The Budondo Community Hall

The Budondo Community Hall is the only multipurpose building of this size in the
region, with a capacity for 1,000 people. It is a space where community members can gather for myriad needs and engage in dialogue over the pressing issues facing their community. It is a safe space for women and girls’ education initiatives, entrepreneurial projects, sporting events, film screenings, weddings, conferences, seminars, and more. It is intended to be at the heart of the community for generations to come, as its use can change as the needs of the community evolve. Any income generated at the Community Hall goes directly toward Suubi Health Center’s immediate needs.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.36.14 PM.png

Staff at Suubi & the BIC have a lot of amazing ideas for the future of the Center and I hope to bring my own skills and support to help make these ideas feasible. Strategic planning for the future sustainability of projects is vital to making sure Mama Hope and BIC are investing their time and money in worthwhile projects, and I will be a main point of contact for these plans. Thank you all for your support in this endeavor and I look forward to keeping you updated on the progress!


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