Creating a Life They Want

Meet 11 out of 16 of the trainees of PHE Budondo.These individuals were chosen to be the leaders of the Budondo PHE program. They all live in the general area and will be teaching their neighbors what they have learned through the training; Empowering them to empower others. Since meeting them I am constantly inspired by their drive and eagerness to attend the PHE training and learn new ways to support their family.

**Join me in supporting these individuals create a life they want by making a $25 donation on my fundraising page. Click here to donate and write in the comment section who you wish to follow on their journey in the PHE program. Each donor will receive updates of how their donation has impacted the trainee and their family. $25 goes a long way paying for seedlings and necessary farming tools that will allow these individuals to diversify their farmland and sustain their family for years to come. 

I spoke with each one of them to ask why they wanted to be a part of PHE and their goals for the next 3 months. This is what they said:


“I am a mother but often I feel I also carry the role of a father. My husband doesn’t contribute as he has multiple wives. Through PHE I want to use the knowledge to generate my own income to support my kids. I am also a big advocate for family planning. I use it myself and want to educate others of the benefits of using family planning. Lastly, I am excited to learn how to plant trees” – Tabisa

Tabisa plans to rebuild a tippy tap for her house, dig a rubbish pit and grow a vegetable garden. 


“The program will give me the knowledge to use the land appropriately. I have a big piece of land but do not know how to sustain it. I appreciate the PHE program helping me stay focused on my goals and others for keeping me accountable on attending the training” – Sophie

Sophie plans to plant a vegetable garden, mango tree, orange tree, trees for timber and avocado tree. She also wants to accomplish her goal of putting doors on her latrine and shower. 


“I want to be economically empowered. I have 8 children and although my husband works very hard, he also works very far away, leaving me at home to manage the house and feed the kids. The kids always come to me for money but I often have nothing to give them. I want to be able to contribute financially and work as a team with my husband to support our family. I realize I am the one to blame for ruining the environment and soil but want to change this. I am excited to plant trees and also educate others on what I have learned through the PHE program so that as a community we are all thriving” – Mary

Mary wants to grow a vegetable garden, plant a banana plantation, trees, mangos and oranges. She also wants to rebuild a tippy tap and get a door for the latrine. 


I have been part of many NGO programs in the past to improve my farm but I am excited about this particular program because it is more hands on and involves the entire community. I am looking forward to working as a team with my colleagues. PHE is providing specific ways to grow my crops sustainably and I now believe that I will finally be able to have a good harvest.” – Dinah

Dinah plans to plant a coffee plantation, banana plantation and trees to be used for timber. 


“I want to reduce my expenditure on healthcare services. By attending the training I know I can learn how to increase my level of income and provide food for my family with diverse nutrients. This will improve the general health of my household. Most importantly, I want to respect the environment I live in and learn sustainable ways to maintain my farm” – Robert

Robert wants to plant bananas, trees for timber, tomatoes, papaya and coffee. 


“One thing I realized is that we have all contributed to the mistreatment of the environment. Having learned this, I want to be part of the solution and help others do the same. I want to share the knowledge I am learning in the PHE program and be a role model for my grandchildren. I want them to know that you have to work hard and be smart about how you treat the environment and to always have your own means to support yourself” – Topista

Topista wants to grow trees for timber, banana plantation, vegetable garden, orange and mango tree. She also wants to build a second drying rack. 


“I have already learned so much from the PHE program. I knew there were things I needed in my house, but I didn’t realize how important they are. I want to use the knowledge I learn to work together with my husband to support our family. Prior to getting married to my husband, all the trees on our land were cut down. I’m looking forward to planting trees again which will help the soil. On a daily basis we eat tomatoes and now with the knowledge from PHE I will be able to grow my own tomatoes to feed my family and supply them to the village for extra income. When I attend the PHE training I go home ready to make the necessary changes. I now feel like with the knowledge I am learning, so much is possible!” – Elesi

Elesi wants to grow a vegetable garden, coffee and banana plantation. She also wants to build a drying rack and get a roof and door for the latrine. 

Nabirye Kaawa

“I want to have alternative income and be a positive contributor to the environment”


Nabirye Kaawa wants to grow a vegetable garden and banana plantation. 


“I believe that the knowledge I will learn from the PHE program will help me improve my level of income — allowing me to buy a plot of land, own my own house and plant fruit trees. I hope to eventually sell the fruit I reap to the community” – Irene

Irene wants to grow tomatoes, matooke, calliandra, oranges, mangos and eggplant. 


“I want to improve my livelihood, hygiene and live in a sustainable environment” – Alice

Alice wants to grow tomatoes, matooke, papaya, and eggplant. 


“I want to improve my livelihood, hygiene and live in a sustainable environment” – Betty

Betty wants to grow tomatoes, matooke,calliandra, mango, oranges and eggplant.


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